Summer Bloom

Every Spring comes and I get hit up for rabbits, which I often don’t have any left available. Rabbits here in high country like to breed in March and April!! Unlike chicks, you don’t just hatch them and move them on. They stay with their moms 2-3 months, they get sorted for quality, and then they are ready to adventure out into the world – mid-Summer! After so many requests during the pandemic, here I am with quite the selection of handsome young rabbits. It seems like Spring affects humans and animals alike.

We grow ours for all purposes, except the hares, so there is no such thing as excess, just work. The hares are rough because they are fancy rabbits to go with sweet personalities, not great addition to our food storage. This next year it is unlikely we will overwinter extras, we’re working to size down our overwintering herd, to keep things safer from RHD and we’re not sure if we are staying here past another year. So next Spring will be rough when the cycle of inquiries start again.

With the new pup on the farm and a full freezer we’re cycling back full force to the original reason we started raising our own rabbits again – raw food diet for the pets. It extended the life of one of our cats with multiple health problems when I got him as a senior cat, he lived another 11 years with no health problems after that.

Healthy home cooked meals also brought my belated dog back to life and helped her live with cancer for another 4 years and she got her puppy energy back as a senior with the food switch. This time around, hoping for a cancer preventative.

Now is a good time to get into rabbits for the best selection, whether for food or pets… and hopefully the shows will open back up soon to add that into the mix.

We have multiple litters of Belgian Hares and Beveren to choose from, their baby pictures are posted on our Facebook Page, click here, previews below:

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