1. Sometimes! I have a pet quality sweet buck that needs a home, and a doe. They breed infrequently but I do have babies from time to time, probably more this spring/early summer. What are you looking for?

      1. Hello, I’m really interested in getting a Belgian hare, black tan, doe. Do you have any of those? I also left another comment I but I think it disappeared, so I’m sorry for the possibility of spam. I’m looking for show quality rabbits.

        Thanks so much!

        1. Hi Constance – I just sent you an email response with what I have available now and that I’ll have babies available in another 4 months probably. thank you.

        1. Hi Krystal, I hope to in about 5-6 weeks or so… I have some hopping out of the nestbox now. See the video on the Facebook page.

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