Our big push East

I know it’s been a long time since I posted here all our happenings! The Facebook page gets all the activity. Once we’re settled more will be coming here too. It’s been an intense year of transitions. For now, here’s our update. We’re right in the thick of things.
Moving a rabbit farm four states away is like nothing I’ve ever done before. Have any of you moved a rabbitry out of state? It’s an unbelievable amount of work – like, how to get these cages apart, and flattened, and moved. All these wooden playboxes to figure out how to move. I spent half a day washing and cleaning cages, toys, cups, taking the opportunity to not move anything that needs a scrub. I looked into having new cages made but the price tag was beyond us at this time and meant we’d have to slash down our herd. Genetic viability is a huge precious thing here, we don’t inbreed. I thought about selling off my herd. I thought about serious reduction to just a few. All to fit some flattened cages on top of a car.
Finally, Mars gave us a break and pointed out we wouldn’t be able to take our unicorn with us either. While I considered leaving it for now, I discovered the unicorn had been maimed in the care of the people I’d entrusted it to. That seals it, I want to get my unicorn out of there, AND want to take my rare breed bunnies I’ve worked so long and hard on for so many years. I feel a sense of responsibility to keeping these two rare breeds alive, both very old breeds with a lot of character, which originate in the 1800’s. They are part of our heritage, the rabbits that people raised for food -and joy- way back when, who are entirely unique from modern breeds. They’re not as overbred. I know I’m one of the few that have been a constant for them over the past 7 years, and a source of rabbits and information for people in our community.
I thought about how easy my life would be if I dropped the rabbits, just like I’ve had more time after letting go of my horse (though more sad). The rabbits however are very grounding to me (they are underground animals afterall, haha). I’d love to take them. We’re still working on raising enough money to spring for that trailer, after our rental fell through, and we can still use some help.
We’ve raised 34% of our total needed for that $1800 trailer to fit our unicorn and cages. If you’ve ever appreciated advice or help from Trickster Hares Farm or appreciate your rabbits so much, or even just glad someone is keeping these two rare breeds going for future generations, we’d love any donations towards our trailer, to help us get out of town, with the bunnies.
The easiest way is to Paypal us at “tricksterhares” “insert at symbol here” gmail dot com. Please put “trailer for bunnies and unicorn” in the comments! We’re calling on our community who can help, and no pressure!! Moving out of state is outrageously expensive and as we do not have work lined up where we are going, I know we’ll be sailing on some prayers for awhile for us and our little herd of bunnies and cats. Thank you all. 💜🐇🦄

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