Won Best in Fur Nationally

Well we were pretty excited here when we won Best of Fur in Beveren at National Convention in Portland 2015. Francis won – I’m impressed for his fur’s length and density as well as softness. Its a gorgeous coat. My doe Big Bertha placed second in the class. Hers is an even more lazy rollback, nearly upright.… Continue reading Won Best in Fur Nationally

A True American Heritage Breed

We’ve grown by one heritage breed! A true American heritage breed – developed right here in America. I didn’t really think about it until it was pointed out to me, most rabbit breeds were imported originally. The Silver Fox was developed here, a hundred years ago. Its also on the endangered list by the Livestock… Continue reading A True American Heritage Breed

Best Breeds for Colony Rearing

I get questions about colony raising all the time, frequently from people who are also interested in Beveren. Since I raise 6 different breeds of rabbits its been interesting to note which ones do well co-housed in rabbit herds. Surprisingly, its the American. They are hands-down the most laid back and willing to get along… Continue reading Best Breeds for Colony Rearing

Raffle to Win a Pair of Beveren!

We’re raffling a breeding pair of heritage blue eyed white Beveren pre-juniors to help support Trickster Hares Farm during a tough time. One of us was thrown from a horse and faces two months of recovery from pelvic fractures and hasn’t been able to work. Your raffle contribution goes towards animal food (over a ton… Continue reading Raffle to Win a Pair of Beveren!

Blue Eyed White Beverens coming up in time for Convention!

I have some beautiful blue eyed white baby Beverens. They are not up for sale just yet as they are too small. They will be ready at about 4 months old in time for convention. Their dam is BrownxCalloway and the sire is Calloway. Big rabbits in this line. And, 3 Grand Champions from this… Continue reading Blue Eyed White Beverens coming up in time for Convention!

Rabbits for sale

Coming up for sale at this time: Lionhead babies – Blue Eyed White and Blue Vienna Marked Lionhead doe – tortoiseshell – won BOSB at West Coast Classic – $50 Lionhead doe – Red Eyed White – $40 (Mossy Ranch) Lionhead buck – black – little mane as a mature animal but very well typed… Continue reading Rabbits for sale

Beveren for sale at West Coast Classic

New crop of Blue Eyed White Beveren coming to West Coast Classic on May 2! I have 3 1/2 Grand Champions from full siblings of a previous litter. Sister won BOB twice at two different shows of over 43 animals – big shows for Beveren! These are very nice rabbits. Sire from Calloway, Dam 3B… Continue reading Beveren for sale at West Coast Classic

More Correct Shade of Beveren Blue

I was surprised to learn the correct shade of Beveren blue in the UK is slightly different – it seems more bright a shade, similar to the medium blue in the previous post, but more blue than gray… I’d love to get my hands on one! Check out more pix: http://beveren.moonfruit.com/