Selling the Farm – March Madness!

There has been a ton of activity here at the farm, and mostly its been selling off the rabbits, far and wide across the United States. Its been very enjoyable participating in a nationwide rare breed revival project. Afterall, rabbits are one of the easiest sources for home grown food, easy to keep and feed.… Continue reading Selling the Farm – March Madness!

Bungled Show Sale – 15% off

Stock overflow! My car broke down on the way to the show last weekend! I’m $500 in the hole from unexpected car repairs, and couldn’t make it to the show to complete my sales. Plus out the show money!! I need to unload my extra stock in a hurry so I’m doing a sale. Bigger… Continue reading Bungled Show Sale – 15% off

Best Breeds for Colony Rearing

I get questions about colony raising all the time, frequently from people who are also interested in Beveren. Since I raise 6 different breeds of rabbits its been interesting to note which ones do well co-housed in rabbit herds. Surprisingly, its the American. They are hands-down the most laid back and willing to get along… Continue reading Best Breeds for Colony Rearing

Rabbits for sale

Coming up for sale at this time: Lionhead babies – Blue Eyed White and Blue Vienna Marked Lionhead doe – tortoiseshell – won BOSB at West Coast Classic – $50 Lionhead doe – Red Eyed White – $40 (Mossy Ranch) Lionhead buck – black – little mane as a mature animal but very well typed… Continue reading Rabbits for sale

Blanc de Hotot French Invasion T-shirts!

I’m sharing my Blanc de Hotot celebration of the French Importation of 2013 T-shirts. This importation marks a very important day in the history of the Blanc – the first French import since Bob Whitman’s original stock in the 1970’s. This importation signals a revival for this breed by bringing in the strength and purity… Continue reading Blanc de Hotot French Invasion T-shirts!

My French Girls

Here’s an update on my French Blanc de Hotots, that I received from Nova Scotia, first generation descended from La Maison de Laperriere’s French imports. They are larger than American Hotots, are more energetic, and have a longer, leaner build. They dance and leap about their hutch with grace and ease, they have more of… Continue reading My French Girls

How Hotots are posed in Switzerland

Hotots are an arched breed, but unfortunately were classified as commercial type in the U.S. so are posed on the show table into the commercial rabbit loaf-pose. The truth is this gorgeous breed is both a meaty commercial build rabbit, and an arched breed, and while chunky compared to other arched breeds, I feel shows… Continue reading How Hotots are posed in Switzerland