How Hotots are posed in Switzerland

Hotots are an arched breed, but unfortunately were classified as commercial type in the U.S. so are posed on the show table into the commercial rabbit loaf-pose. The truth is this gorgeous breed is both a meaty commercial build rabbit, and an arched breed, and while chunky compared to other arched breeds, I feel shows… Continue reading How Hotots are posed in Switzerland

Belgian Hare – Jack the Rabbit

The guy who started it all… my first (and still, only) Belgian Hare. He’s a wonderful creature, smart, agile, funny. I love this little guy. We used to let him roam our whole 2-acre property, he considered it his job to run up to greet visitors. After he caught a respiratory illness from the wild… Continue reading Belgian Hare – Jack the Rabbit

Hotot Love

First litter of Blanc d’Hotots – the most rare and endangered breed of rabbit in the U.S. Trickster Hares is the only breeder known of in California. These are really sweet and adorable animals! Braveheart has me wrapped around his little paw already!