Colony Living – Cage Style

Colony Living - Cage Style

Pip shows off her new cage. Its 10 feet long, with a divider in the middle. The divider has a door in it, the spring latch is visible just above her forehead. This way I can introduce another young female on the other side (an Hotot, Bowie, is over there) and see if the two of them will get a long, before opening the door. Does typically scuffle for dominance for a couple days, and once they sort it out are best of friends. There are always exceptions however, for instance, Bijoux does not like other rabbits in her cage and will get grumpy towards her own offspring. I find its best to grow the colony herd with their own offspring – there is a family bond that remains with most.
This custom designed cage also has two subdividers latched to the ceiling, in case in needs to be converted to compartments. Its 30″ high to provide ample stretch space – bunnies love to stand on their hind legs and look around. I provide playboxes for the bunnies to jump on, this exercises their muscles and keeps them busy.

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