Last Chance for Rabbit Delivery

In case you haven’t heard, we’ve been selling off a few breeds here at Trickster Hares Farm as we prepare for some life transitions.

Selling off our Harlequin herd, pictures can be seen here. Japanese & Magpies on sale and discount off 3 or more.

Selling off Silver Fox from Grand Champion lines (pix below) and Lionheads, click the link for pictures.

Keeping but also paring down Beveren especially with the overabundance of litters, the best of 12 litters can be seen and for sale here. Also have senior blue & white & sport stock available. Great bloodlines – Trickster Hares and 3B’s and Calloway foundation.

Silver Fox siblings for sale. Great rabbits, wonderful type, underweight. Didn’t reach full size on the kind of food I feed here (Hunt & Behrens pellets, only). The parents were full sized, so its a case of the line not doing well with this brand of feed:









Can bring to Petaluma tomorrow. May be able to arrange transport to Dixon for a fee the following weekend.

Moving forward we plan to continue on a smaller scale with Beveren and Belgian Hare, and are continuing at least for the present with Blanc de Hotot, with the occasional astrex or Rumple.

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