Trickster Hares is a small farm in Sonoma County, California,  interested in sustainability and raising our own food, while maintaining our heritage breeds of animals.  We are also in celebration of the wonderful qualities of the rabbit and honor their mythological heritage as the trickster.  Rabbits embody the trickster in many ways – they are  very smart, clever, and amazing escape artists!  There are countless stories across many cultures about rabbit trickery.

We experiment here with more natural rearing techniques.  We cultivate a pasture colony much like a natural herd of livestock, and how the European rabbit lived originally in the wild was together. Through trial and error we’ve found what works for us is keeping the does in a colony – sometimes up to 20 rabbits – with the herd buck kept in a cage inside the colony pen. This allows us better timing and control with the litters. We usually keep our show animals separated and off the ground for optimum condition.

In a society focused on mass production over form, beauty, and personality, we are participating in a movement reclaiming our beautiful heirloom breeds of rabbits.  Four of the breeds we raise are on the critically endangered list with the Livestock Conservancy.  For 2013 the most endangered breed is Blanc d’Hotot, followed by Beveren, American, and Belgian Hare.  Harlequin is on the watch list.

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