We’re located in Cedaredge, Colorado. Please send us an email using the contact form below, or contact us on our Facebook page.


      1. Hi Damian, I have 5 litters of hares out there right now. The prices are generally $150 for pet quality (not show marked), show marked $250, whites or solid blacks $250-300. I post more frequently on my Facebook page, and you can see videos and pictures of the babies growing there. Let me know if you are wanting one. I will be putting together an adoption application very soon for interested parties, because the hares are so special. Thank you! TH

    1. Hi Amanda, Unfortunately I sold off all my Blanc de Hotot. I can recommend breeders who bought my stock in Washington, and Central Valley CA, and Sierra Nevada North CA. I also sent some back East. I can give you their names if interested, or check the club page for a breeder near you. Good luck! Mardi

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