Belgian Hare babies!

We have Belgian Hare babies! Probably the last litters until sometime next summer. I have a couple show quality and a few pet quality – meaning their tan factor markings may not be orange enough, or any other conformational issues that means they should not be used in breeding but would make terrific pets. Belgian Hares are particularly wonderful housepets! Very interactive, lively, and affectionate. Hares need room to roam, so these will not do well in a standard rabbit hutch.



    1. I hope to have more coming, later… we haven’t been breeding this year as we’ve been in transition between places. Check back in Fall/Spring. šŸ™‚

    1. I have a litter in the nestbox just born yesterday. Feel free to check back in a couple months. What state do you live in?

  1. Hi I was wondering where you were located and how much is it for a belguim hare. I’m really interested thank you.

    1. We’re now located near Grand Junction, CO… you can get bunnies transported just about anywhere. The prices are usually $125-250 depending on markings and type, show quality etc. I have babies in the nestbox so in a couple months may have some that are looking for homes.

    1. I have lots of hares! None for sale at this time. They did not feel like breeding this fall, they knew it’d get cold. Undoubtedly they’ll be in the mood come Spring… feel free to check back in late Spring.

    1. I did… just missed them. I may have more available in a few months. Are you looking for pets or for showing primarily?

    1. Hi there, not right now, the hares tend to have babies in the Spring, and by Summer they are placed. Hares, being closer to their wild roots, breed when they want to and being outdoors here, don’t seem to breed or conceive in Winter. Please check back in Spring.

  2. Hi when are Belgian Hare kits born and what’s the price for 1 male kit with Black-Tan coloration. I interested in a male kit.
    Do you ship your animals? I live in Jefferson county TX.

    1. Hi Destini, hares like to breed in March and April so I have expectations to have some available for new homes starting in about 3 months, end of June, and July. Prices are all listed under Sales, Shipping by air seems cost prohibitive for most people, but there are ways to find transport by car. During Covid and RHD that has become a little harder. You will want to check if you have RHD in your area for extra precautions. While it is in Colorado it has not hit the higher elevations where I live. Please check back in. I post pictures of litters on my Facebook page.

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