Best Breeds for Colony Rearing

I get questions about colony raising all the time, frequently from people who are also interested in Beveren. Since I raise 6 different breeds of rabbits its been interesting to note which ones do well co-housed in rabbit herds. Surprisingly, its the American. They are hands-down the most laid back and willing to get along… Continue reading Best Breeds for Colony Rearing

The Food Dance

We love the colony herd experience. Our girls seem to love it too. I wish we could raise them all this way. Note: do not put your rabbits in together like this unless they’ve been socially conditioned for warren living!!

Free Range Rabbits

People often ask me how I can possibly raise free range rabbits. Well this is what it looks like: We’ve come to accept that where there is rabbits, there will be no plants. There are pastures to the left and forward of the main pen, that are fenced off to let the grass grow. The… Continue reading Free Range Rabbits