Support a rare breed with this T-shirt!

Who doesn’t love a t-shirt? Especially one with a rabbit on it? This t-shirt is perfect for any rabbit lover, if you are still looking for gifts for the holidays. The t-shirt says “Beveren Rule” on the back – promoting awareness about one of the most rare breeds in the U.S.

You do not have to raise rabbits to love this t-shirt! They’ve been popular with the non-rabbit-community as well!


The sizes I have left on hand are as follows. If you don’t see your size I will be placing a new order so will take advance orders.

Blue: Ladies M, XL; Adult L, XL

Black: Ladies XL

White: Ladies M

Pricing: S-XL $20, XXL & up $25

Special orders: Request white, black, blue, Ladies or Adult and size.  Junior’s fitted shirts come in V-neck white or gray or crew neck light blue.

Shipping in the U.S.: $6.50, +$2 for each additional shirt

To order: drop me a note with your order request and I’ll send you an invoice

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