Summer Bloom

Every Spring comes and I get hit up for rabbits, which I often don’t have any left available. Rabbits here in high country like to breed in March and April!! Unlike chicks, you don’t just hatch them and move them on. They stay with their moms 2-3 months, they get sorted for quality, and then… Continue reading Summer Bloom

Belgian Hare babies!

We have Belgian Hare babies! Probably the last litters until sometime next summer. I have a couple show quality and a few pet quality – meaning their tan factor markings may not be orange enough, or any other conformational issues that means they should not be used in breeding but would make terrific pets. Belgian… Continue reading Belgian Hare babies!

Selling the Farm – March Madness!

There has been a ton of activity here at the farm, and mostly its been selling off the rabbits, far and wide across the United States. Its been very enjoyable participating in a nationwide rare breed revival project. Afterall, rabbits are one of the easiest sources for home grown food, easy to keep and feed.… Continue reading Selling the Farm – March Madness!

Best Opposite at National Convention

We were thrilled to win Best Opposite Sex of Beveren at ARBA’s National Convention in Del Mar in 2016, with Junior White Beveren Buck, ‘Posey’. Knowing there are really top notch breeders who come to National Convention from all over the U.S., this came as a surprise! We still consider ourselves new breeders going on 6… Continue reading Best Opposite at National Convention