Bungled Show Sale – 15% off

Stock overflow! My car broke down on the way to the show last weekend! I’m $500 in the hole from unexpected car repairs, and couldn’t make it to the show to complete my sales. Plus out the show money!! I need to unload my extra stock in a hurry so I’m doing a sale. Bigger… Continue reading Bungled Show Sale – 15% off

Blanc de Hotot French Invasion T-shirts!

I’m sharing my Blanc de Hotot celebration of the French Importation of 2013 T-shirts. This importation marks a very important day in the history of the Blanc – the first French import since Bob Whitman’s original stock in the 1970’s. This importation signals a revival for this breed by bringing in the strength and purity… Continue reading Blanc de Hotot French Invasion T-shirts!

My French Girls

Here’s an update on my French Blanc de Hotots, that I received from Nova Scotia, first generation descended from La Maison de Laperriere’s French imports. They are larger than American Hotots, are more energetic, and have a longer, leaner build. They dance and leap about their hutch with grace and ease, they have more of… Continue reading My French Girls