Baby Lionheads

These little lionheads are just adorable, the pictures don’t do them justice. They are 7 weeks old now. They’ll be ready to go in a week or two. I have 3 blue eyed white ones and a blue one with unusual face markings and a white ear. Mother is a Blue Eyed White, Kitsume. Father… Continue reading Baby Lionheads

Rabbits for sale

Coming up for sale at this time: Lionhead babies – Blue Eyed White and Blue Vienna Marked Lionhead doe – tortoiseshell – won BOSB at West Coast Classic – $50 Lionhead doe – Red Eyed White – $40 (Mossy Ranch) Lionhead buck – black – little mane as a mature animal but very well typed… Continue reading Rabbits for sale

Blanc de Hotot French Invasion T-shirts!

I’m sharing my Blanc de Hotot celebration of the French Importation of 2013 T-shirts. This importation marks a very important day in the history of the Blanc – the first French import since Bob Whitman’s original stock in the 1970’s. This importation signals a revival for this breed by bringing in the strength and purity… Continue reading Blanc de Hotot French Invasion T-shirts!

Beveren for sale at West Coast Classic

New crop of Blue Eyed White Beveren coming to West Coast Classic on May 2! I have 3 1/2 Grand Champions from full siblings of a previous litter. Sister won BOB twice at two different shows of over 43 animals – big shows for Beveren! These are very nice rabbits. Sire from Calloway, Dam 3B… Continue reading Beveren for sale at West Coast Classic

Two girls: Dwarf Hotot & a Lionhead Cross for Sale

Two girls need a new home! 8 weeks old, they are looking for a loving home. They have grown up together and can be kept together or purchased separately. Dwarf Hotot “Rosebud” $70. Purebred (pedigreed but waiting on it from breeder I got parents from). Sweet girl. Too large for show, will make a sweet… Continue reading Two girls: Dwarf Hotot & a Lionhead Cross for Sale

More Correct Shade of Beveren Blue

I was surprised to learn the correct shade of Beveren blue in the UK is slightly different – it seems more bright a shade, similar to the medium blue in the previous post, but more blue than gray… I’d love to get my hands on one! Check out more pix: